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Coastal Friends

Lola Pug

Lola Pug’s lifelong BFF and cousin, Roxy, is moving to the other side of the country shortly (cue the sadfaces at Casa Lola), so we invited the Little Miss and her people up to Lola’s northern playground for a weekend of adventuring and bonding before the big move.

One of the first things we all must do when faced with outdoor adventures is put on our hats and sunscreen, so Roxy reminded us all to do so before we set out….


The first order of the day was to have a little boating adventure, which Roxy took to like a …duck to water?


Lola, being used to such travel, was a little bit less impressed, but that also might have something to do with the fact that she’s rather grown out of her life jacket a little bit. (Middle age spread happens to the best of us…

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The Pug Vote!

The Pug Vote!.

Oh Lola Pug,

Glorious and free.

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I was clearing some space in my office today and knocked an old cassette off the bookshelf. As it landed on the floor it opened and out slid a VISA card that I had decided to not activate. I remember thinking rather than cut it up and toss it out I would “SQUIRREL” it away. To give you an idea of how often I listen to cassettes these days, the expiry date on the card was 06, 2011. The cassette was from a collection of discourses on techniques for connecting to an inner peace that is said to be always present but often drowned out by the chit chat of daily life. I put the two together and decided it was time to finally call to activate that desire to grow. It is not going to happen on its own, I’m not going to wake up tomorrow morning bathed in a sublime blazing light! I have decided to call now to activate what we all yearn for-more love and sense of a higher purpose in what we spend our time doing.Image

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You better find sombody to Love

‘Don’t you want somebody to love? Don’t you need somebody to love? You better find somebody to love.’ Grace Slick knew it back in the 60’s and I have just witnessed a friend’s total joy and transformation due to new intimate relationship found online.

 We’re never too old to want to have an intimate relationship. Betty White said, “I miss having someone to hold – I see couples, and they’ll be sitting there and all of a sudden one will put a hand over the others – I miss that kind of personal contact.”

 Your friends have already been told (several times) that you’re looking. You’ve heard of other’s success. You are sick of seeing Noah’s Ark pass you by.

 My friend went online.

The main benefit was the total control over the development of the relationship.  It allowed them time to get to know one another before any decision had to be made. This is the antithesis to speed dating. You go from lonely hearts club single to a romantic relationship in 6 months, not six minutes.

My friend knew love could be most sublime. The new friendship formed on its own timeline through email/text then moved on to Skype. Trust forms and YOU decide when its time to meet. Finally someone to hold. My friend’s life is in full bloom. Love found is beautiful at any age.

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Best act was the second half

I met a kindred spirit. A woman who loved to arrange stuff.

 Isabella Stewart Gardner (1840 -1924) was a woman who knew how to shop. It took her 12 years to spend her inheritance. Her legacy is a living example of American wealth well spent in Europe at the turn of the century. She is also an example of someone who saved her best act for the second half of her life. At the age of 63 she opened her Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to the Boston public. This is her collection, built to her specifications and displayed in her museum/home.

 The magic that fills this museum is more than the sound of splashing fountains or the feel of fresh warm May sunlight shining through the open atrium onto orchids and palms. To describe it as a recreation of a classic Italian Venetian palace housing an exceptional art collection does not do justice to Isabella’s passion for the aesthetic of arrangement.

 Thankfully, there is a stipulation in her will that the general arrangement of the galleries cannot be altered. You feel Isabella might come swishing into view to greet you at any moment — sharing some personal detail on the purchase of that particular Botticelli, Matisse, Rembrandt — or why the portraits of her by John Sargent and Anders Zorn are placed where they are. The museum’s 4th floor was Isabella’s own living space for 21 years.

 Her reason for this gift to Boston: ‘C’est mon plaisir’ – ‘it is my pleasure’ and you feel it as you walk through her home.

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This is a rant against working weekends.
I thought we would have more time to R&R but apparently we are so valuable we need to be accessed at all hours.
Just a quick rant to see if this blog is bloggy.

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